Just wanted to drop in something I consider something very informative and important to us with autoimmune diseases. 


Quick update


Daily Thankful – November 1, 2016

Thankful that I was able to eat 2 and a half pieces of pizza for dinner tonight. ~Amy Thankful for the surprised look on Carols face when she met Ezekiel and Shiva. ~Steve

Daily Thankful – October 31, 2016

Thankful that I have just over a month before getting more stem cells. ~Amy Thankful to have completed a lot of work today. ~Steve

Missing You

My first vlog, and requesting some feedback.

Tell the FDA to let me keep my stem cells!

Link to the FDA comments page is¬†here.¬† Essentially the FDA is in the final stages of taking comments on whether or not the stem cell treatment that I am currently undergoing will be deemed legal or not. ¬†At the current point in time the FDA¬†consider’s¬†replicating, freezing, and then thawing my stem cells for distribution “manufacturing […]

I told you MS can’t kill me!

  I’m not even sure when the last time I spoke with anybody on this blog was, but I am so sorry that I have been missing for so long. ¬†Steven and I had a crazy 2015, and I honestly don’t even know where to begin. ¬†Obviously, I am always open to questions, because I […]

2 months Post Panama Stem Cells

I have been off the grid for quite a while, but rest assured, I am still alive and kickin’…..well, dreaming of kicking! lol Today marks 2 months since my first stem cell treatment in Panama. I would love to be writing to you all and telling you how I am hopping and skipping and jumping […]

A New Stem Cell Treatment – Prepping for Panama

I have not updated in quite a while. Any of you that have been following me on Facebook are probably aware that we are going to be making a journey to Panama to participate in another stem cell treatment. This one is IV infusions over 4 days, as well as 4 paralymphatic injections. We are […]

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