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the Save My Cravings Chocolate Shake!

What a wonderful relief it was for me to come across this recipe for a CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE! 😀 I have soooo been needing a way to get my chocolate fix, paleo style! With all of the food sensitivities I have, it seems darn near impossible to grab on to anything like this…but this was right […]

Sole Anyone??

So who has heard of Sole?? I feel like maybe I have been living under a rock…never heard of the stuff. I am not a fish eater, not a fan at all…however, I know how good this stuff is for me, so I am always willing to try to “learn” to like it. 😉  Steven […]

the Homewich…our version of the “unwich” from Jimmy Johns

I have been craving me and unwich for a looooong time…so I finally decided that I was just going to figure out how I could make one at home! 😉 Something with all the ingredients that are good for me and none of the ones that aren’t. So here it is! We had this for […]

Oh my!

Can we say writers block and totally side tracked!?  It has been so long since I have blogged I am afraid people are going to think that I don’t exist anymore. Rest assured, I am alive and kicking, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and bring you some more recipes! […]

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