A New Stem Cell Treatment – Prepping for Panama

I have not updated in quite a while. Any of you that have been following me on Facebook are probably aware that we are going to be making a journey to Panama to participate in another stem cell treatment. This one is IV infusions over 4 days, as well as 4 paralymphatic injections. We are […]

Lemon Dill Chicken Marinade

The origin of this chicken recipe comes from the SavorySweetLife. I didn’t have to modify much at all, and we LOVE this stuff! I can eat it until I’m packed like a Thanksgiving turkey! 😉 The flavors are simple to create, yet supremely tasty. I use this on chicken thighs most of the time, but […]

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking Review & Giveaway!!

I love Mediterranean Paleo Cooking!!! I knew that I liked mediterranean cuisine, but I had no idea how much I LOVED it! This book has been a life saver for me! It has definitely given me new hope in trying the autoimmune protocol. I know that I will at least have some tasty things to […]

Herb Glazed Salmon

This is one of the few ways that I will eat salmon. Matter of fact, I think it is currently the ONLY way I will eat salmon. 😉 I am not a fish person. I never have been. I keep trying to convince myself that it doesn’t taste like I’m lickin’ the side of a […]

Strawberry Chicken Salad w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette

This Strawberry Chicken Salad was a life saver for me last week! I was getting so burnt out on my “same ol same ol” salad….I needed something fresh with some new flavors…Something to keep my palate excited. This salad was the perfect solution!! 😀 The strawberries give it a slight bit of sweet and tart, […]

Cajun Seasoning Made Easy

This Cajun Seasoning is another yummy recipe that I stole from my sister. This makes the most awesome sweet potato fries, not to mention all of the other foods that it could bless with its flavor! 🙂 This is another one that is really simple to make, and leaves no room for excuses as to […]

The Paleo Approach Cookbook – The long awaited review and GIVEAWAY!

The Paleo Approach Cookbook, by Sarah Ballentine, is one of the most comprehensive and complete sources for recipes just for the Autoimmune Protocol that you will ever get your hands on! There is over 75 pages solely dedicated to kitchen/cooking basics 101…That doesn’t include the 12 pages of meal plans and shopping lists! The Basics […]

Simple Chili Powder

This Chili Powder is another super easy way to save money and make sure you are getting quality seasoning blends without all the filler! It is incredibly simple and delicious and well worth the 5 minutes to throw it all together! 😉 1/2 cup paprika 3 tablespoons oregano 2 tablespoons cumin 2 tablespoons garlic powder […]

Homemade Taco Seasoning & A Note About My Blogging Style

Another easy, yet definitely helpful to have, homemade spice blend! Love this taco seasoning! There is not a lot that I can write about most of my recipes. I like things simple, natural, and tasty. I don’t spend a lot of time writing out long stories on here because that’s just not what I am […]

Spanish Rice – An Easy Freezer Meal

I love this Spanish Rice recipe! I remember as a kid, my mom used to make spanish rice all the time…and it was one of my favorite dishes. I just had to recreate it so I could indulge in that yummy flavor once again! There is several twists from the original recipe, but the wonderful […]