The Paleo Approach: A Review

the paleo approachWhere do I even begin with this book!? It is an amazing work of intellect! This is like having the benefit of a college course without the massive student debt and homework! 😀 Sarah has really put her heart and soul into making sure that we are provided with the most thorough information possible in her book. If you are a novice to paleo, or anything about health in general, THIS is the book for you!

In the first 4 chapters, Sarah explains in great detail, autoimmune disease and the many things involved in its development. Everything you could ever want to know about your gut and digestive system, hormones, food proteins, and much much more. My book is so full of highlights, I don’t think there are many lines left untouched. 😉

She goes on, in the continued chapters, to teach on the importance of stress management, exercise, environment, and sleep. She touches on supplements and food allergies as well as blood sugar regulation and probiotics. In the end, she even helps the reader when it comes to reintroducing foods. There is just an endless supply of knowledge. I can’t possibly go into it all, or I would be the one writing the book! 😉

I have taken such a long time to write this review, because I wanted to make sure that I could properly convey the information and its value. The knowledge and insight was SPOT ON and very much a recommendation for all of my readers! There were a couple of areas that I was not as excited about, but it is totally a personal preference, and may be of no consequence to other readers.

There is a very large section of “food lists” to help people to know what is allowable on the Autoimmune Protocol. However, when you actually start reading through the lists and pull out the foods that are very hard if not impossible to acquire based on your location/situation, the list actually looks A LOT smaller. Which, for me was not helpful, as that is the main thing I struggle with right now…not having enough food selection.

Also, due to the fact that I am not new to the Autoimmune Protocol or Paleo, I was quite saddened that there were no recipes in this book. I have been practicing AIP for a long time now, well, as much as I can with the resources I have. I was very much in need of help with recipes. My diet has become so limited because of lack of “what to do with all these foods,” that I am actually being forced to go outside of the protocol by my doctor, just to regain some weight and nutrients. So the help from the recipes was much needed. Now, I am looking forward to the release of her cookbook this year! At the time of receiving the Paleo Approach, I was not aware that she was publishing a separate cookbook. 🙂

With all of that said, this is still a book that I would VERY MUCH RECOMMEND to those wanting/needing to know more about their body and how it can be fighting against them. And also to teach them how to make it start fighting for them! Healing is definitely an option, it just comes in many sizes. Knowledge is key, and this book is FULL OF IT!! 😀 You will not regret the many things that you learn, even if you decide that AIP is not an option that you wish to or are able to pursue.

For a TON of additional information on the autoimmune protocol, please visit Sarah’s blog! She has amazing resources and recipes that are just a click away! 😀


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