Food As Medicine…

This set of you tube videos is a must see! There is A LOT of “technical” stuff, but the basic premise is very easy to understand. This woman is a medical doctor. She has/had progressive MS and has researched her way from a permanent wheel chair to skis and a bicycle. Her research is astounding to me, and even more so, her progress! 😀 I will be adding this post to my site at, which has not yet launched, as well as This definitely fits all 3 categories! And if you are serious about health and nutrition, such as I am, it will be totally worth your time to watch! 😉


  1. I was very excited about her research until I learned that she follows people that believe we evolved from monkeys 🙁 Ugh…

    The science behind how the body works with the certain nutrients and everything is wonderful…but I won’t be taking much personal advice from her. I will take the scientific explanations to God in prayer and be using His guidance to make the best decisions I can about what is best for my body.

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