The Paleo Approach Cookbook – The long awaited review and GIVEAWAY!

The Paleo Approach Cookbook, by Sarah Ballentine, is one of the most comprehensive and complete sources for recipes just for the Autoimmune Protocol that you will ever get your hands on! There is over 75 pages solely dedicated to kitchen/cooking basics 101…That doesn’t include the 12 pages of meal plans and shopping lists!

The Basics section is perfect for ANYONE starting on a cooking journey, not just AIP. She not only covers everything from “what to eat” food lists to budgeting ideas, but she also helps the novice cook with definitions to basic cooking terms, the proper ways to store specific foods, essential and handy tools for the kitchen, and time management. You will also find several charts for measurement conversions, meat cooking times and temps, and smoke points for many different oils/fats. This would be a wonderful book for a kiddo going off to college or a young woman just starting her cooking journey into marriage. There is so much information!! 😀


The Meal Plans in this cookbook are set up wonderfully, to provide you with leftovers, in order to cut down on the time spent in the kitchen. She has put a lot of thought, detail, and planning into the way she has organized this for everyone!

On to the Recipes. This is a scary place for some, but the adventure is worth it if you are looking to better your health and put an end to disease. I have not been brave enough to try the pancakes with cricket flour or the beef tongue or many of the fish dishes (I am not much of a fish fan)….but I absolutely LOVE the Bacon Wrapped Scallops!! I had my first taste of a whole baked fish, and despite the appearance, once the skin was removed, the fish itsself tasted wonderful! If you haven’t yet tried a fish cooked that way, or if you don’t particularly care for fish, let me recommend snapper. That was my fish of choice, and the taste was very mild and quite delightful! My husband ate the fish eyeball, strictly on a dare, but that is a funny story for another time! 😉

There are many recipes that will keep you from feeling massively overwhelmed. They are short and sweet and stright to the point. Braised Greens, Broiled Asparagus, and Balsamic Roasted Beets, just to name a few. You won’t have to feel like you are being bombarded with having to create 4 new dishes at every meal sitting, just to feed yourself and your family. The simplicity is helpful on such an in depth adventure to health. And the pictures are beautiful! Sure to entice even the pickiest of eaters!


Whatever the need on your AIP journey, it is addressed here and in her companion book, The Paleo Approach. Every question you could ever think of asking about the autoimmune protocol is answered in these two publications! 😉 And because Sarah is such an awesome lady, she has agreed to provide a free copy of The Paleo Approach Cookbook to one of my lucky readers! All you have to do is complete the 2 mandatory entries to unlock several other ways to increase your chances of winning!!

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  1. looking forward to some of vegetables dishes as well as the roast.

  2. I am ago excited about this book and lifestyle. Your site was linked on my FB support group.

  3. I think this book would make a nice gift! I have someone in mind if I win!!

  4. Danielle K says:

    I recently read The Paleo Approach and have been waiting to try some of the recipes to put it into practice! It’s kind of overwhelming to think about so I think some recipes would make it much easier 🙂

    • Yes, I know first hand how overwhelming AIP can be. I think you will find a lot of good tips and recipes in this book! Just don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new. 😉 There are a lot of “new” things in here!

  5. Rebecca :) says:

    You are giving away a copy of your book?? How exciting for one of us! Thank-you for helping us out like this! 🙂 P.S. I don’t mind at all if I win. hint hing 😀

    • The book was written by #ThePaleoMom! She is an amazing author with some supreme knowledge on the human body and how it responds to food!

  6. So excited! Thank you!

    • I just saw this, so sorry it took me so long to reply! You are very welcome! Please come back and let us know what you think! 😀

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