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There are so many things to say about the Vitamix! And ALL good! I don’t think I have found one negative thing to report about this machine yet…and I don’t know that I ever will! 😉 I LOVE my Vitamix! I have only had this wonderful machine since the first part of February, but I am so attached to it, I don’t know how I could survive in my kitchen without it! 😀

The recipe possibilities are endless, and the loads of nutrients you can get from each thing you make just doubles it’s awesomeness! We have made everything from new juice recipes to almond milk to cashew cream for alfredo. Today we even made our first batch of almond butter! I just can’t believe the diversity of this machine! And we didn’t even get the one specifically for grains and breads!

We use ours a MINIMUM of 2 times a day (that’s on a slow day…lol)…And why not use it, the cleanup is amazingly easy too. Who doesn’t love something that you can throw some water and a drop of soap in, turn it on for 60 seconds, and rinse. That’s it…all clean…gotta love that! I’m so thankful and excited to be a proud owner of one of these wonderful machines!

Can’t wait to share more of the wonderful and nourishing recipes with you that we create! Do any of you already have a Vitamix? Any good tips to share?

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Healthy Whole Food Meals are Quick, Easy and Delicious!

A whole food diet is the key to a long and healthy life.  New recommendations encourage consuming more  fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day. This is easily accomplished by eating terrific-tasting, nutrient-rich whole food meals made in the Vitamix machine.

Make whole food juice that’s full of fiber and flavor in under a minute.
Cook soup from scratch that’s hot, hearty and satisfying in just 4 minutes.
Make frozen treats that are full of fruit and low in fat in only 30 seconds.
Grind fresh whole grains into flour and knead dough for healthy home made bread in one 5-minute operation.

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