Words of wisdom from a fellow blogger…

I was enjoying a blog that I frequent quite regularly, and came across this post that I just HAD to share with all of you! 😉

What a great reminder to keep our eating habits in perspective with what is really important. It doesn’t matter how healthy we eat, or what graces our plates, if we are neglecting the thing that truly matters. Always, we should remember that a thankful heart is blessed. The Lord has cleansed all things that we first lay before Him, and that goes for food too! 😉

We don’t want to get trapped in the pit of “food prison” while partaking in this fun adventure of new recipes and healthy alternatives! Please do remember this as we embark on this journey together…if you make this an “all the time, every minute of every day” thing…the joy is lost and our trust and faith in the Lords provision goes with it.

I cherish the times that I get to spend at Olive Garden with dear friends…or the nights that Steven and I get to enjoy Texas Road House! 😉 Where would we be without that glorious time of food and fellowship? Or the nights when I’m just simply too exhausted to prepare anything, so he picks up a pizza from Whole Foods on his way home. What a blessing it is to know that God is right there in the middle of it, blessing it to my body as I thank Him for His boundless provision for me!

Please take a moment to read the article…it is well worth your time! 😀

you can find it here: Passionate Homemaking

Do you ever find yourself becoming a slave to your foodie passion? I’ve caught myself there a couple of times. But man, it’s sure great when I find the steakhouse again! 😉


  1. And just for clarification…this in no way changes how I feel about HFCS! LOL 😛 I’m pretty sure that’s one of those things where the “ignorance is bliss” thing comes into play. Now that I’m not ignorant to it, I just don’t feel right about it. 😉

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