Okra Seasoning & a New Format

Hi All! You are going to need this yummy okra seasoning recipe if you are going to make the oven baked okra recipe I will be posting, so I thought it would be wonderful if I got it posted for your reference! 😉

I have also come across a lot of websites using this really nifty widget for their recipes and I thought it was a super idea! 😉  So to make things much easier for everyone, I am going to give it a whirl and see how we like it. You will now be able to more easily print the recipes by just simply clicking the button in the top right of the recipe box. Please leave your feedback and let me know if this is something that benefits you and makes your read more pleasant. 🙂

 I will be posting the recipe for our baked okra in the near future, so no worries, it’s coming soon.  Until then, let us know how you like the new format! 😀


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