the Save My Cravings Chocolate Shake!

What a wonderful relief it was for me to come across this recipe for a CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE! 😀 I have soooo been needing a way to get my chocolate fix, paleo style! With all of the food sensitivities I have, it seems darn near impossible to grab on to anything like this…but this was right up my alley. Aside from the processed almond milk, I could totally get on board! I just whipped up some cashew milk in my trusty Vitamix, and this easy peasy shake was mine for the taking! 😉 Dairy free and sugar free but totally makes up for the stuff I have been missin! 😉 Yay a way to save me from my cravings!

For the nut milk:

  • 1 cup cashews
  • 3 cups water

Put both in the blender and blend on high until smooth, about 30 seconds in the vitamix.

For the shake:

  • 2 cups nut milk
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 2 rounded tablespoons of cocoa powder

Blend it just until the bananas are smooth and serve…mmmmmmm

We also decided these would make great popsicles, so we will be trying that next time I make a batch!

UPDATE: My sister brought it to my attention that when she attempted to make the cashew milk she was unable to get a smooth blend. We have determined this is because her blender may not be powerful enough. I did not think to mention that this will probably work best with a high speed blender such as the vitamix or blendtec, or another of that sort. She is going to try to make the milk in her food processor and let me know if that is a workable alternative for those of you that may not have a powerful enough blender. I will be sure to let everyone know. By all means, if it doesn’t work for you, you can always use ready-made nut milks, or even coconut milk. We just love to make our own! 😉

~Alas, it seems that the food processor is not the best option either. If you are interested in a vitamix, you can get free shipping if you order by clicking the link provided at the right hand side of the screen! 🙂  Otherwise, you can always opt for the pre-made nut milks in a pinch. 😉

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