A New Stem Cell Treatment – Prepping for Panama

I have not updated in quite a while. Any of you that have been following me on Facebook are probably aware that we are going to be making a journey to Panama to participate in another stem cell treatment. This one is IV infusions over 4 days, as well as 4 paralymphatic injections. We are really excited, and they way God has brought this about is nothing short of a miracle…but that is a very long story, and one that deserves a much more dedicated post. 😉

I just wanted to put up a brief video of where I am currently, today. Keep in mind, last week I could not walk at all. It seems like this condition changes daily, so I will try to keep posting updated videos before we leave, and even some after we have arrived in Panama, to document any changes in abilities. 🙂

I have been so rigid these last few months, that I hunch a lot while I am walking, my hips just do not want to let me stand up straight yet. That will change as I am able to move more frequently after the procedure. 😉

I have decided to start a YouTube channel to avoid the massive costs that GoDaddy wants in order to be able to post videos here directly…..So here is a link to how I am functioning tonight…..just click on the picture below.



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