Oh my!

Can we say writers block and totally side tracked!?  It has been so long since I have blogged I am afraid people are going to think that I don’t exist anymore. Rest assured, I am alive and kicking, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and bring you some more recipes! 😉

Steven and I have both been very hard core Paleo for the last few months. However, our version of paleo is a bit different than most. I seem to have a severe reaction to eggs at the moment…so our paleo eating consists of: organic fruits & vegetables,  raw nuts and seeds, grass fed meats, and wild caught seafood. 🙂  We focus on the good fats, EV coconut oil and olive oil, things of that nature. No sugars other than dates, stevia, and those found naturally in whole fruits.

It has been incredibly good to us. Steven and I have both lost weight, over 150lbs combined, and he is feeling the positive effects the diet is having on his body. The results for me are much slower, of course. Healing a body that is broken with disease is a much more strenuous and time consuming process…but there IS progress! 😀  Slowly but surely I am able to get out of my chair more and do more with my walker. I was able to walk around the kitchen for a bit yesterday for the first time in over a year! Was then able to get a couple of things out of the cabinets and the fridge before I had to settle back into my wheelchair. I just keep hearing in the back of my mind, “baby steps Bob.” 😉

We were also finally able to get a sidewalk installed that goes from my wheelchair lift off of the deck around to the driveway. I now have much more freedom to be outside and working and doing things in the yard and the garden. This not only increases the vitamin D, but increases my happiness level as well. 🙂 Love the sunny days and the fresh air…now if I could just be crawlin around on the ground and doing landscaping! 😉 And once again, “baby steps Bob.” 😛

So please, do forgive the lack in posting, and do come back soon…the recipes are on their way! 😉



  1. Don’t forget to mention that you MOWED THE YARD in your wheel chair!! ;o)

  2. I hope Steven got a photo of that!!

  3. mrsmadel says:

    Steven wasn’t home…it was me and Kara! 😀

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