Pressure sores suck



  1. Mary Malik says:

    Good to see u back on the blog! Praying every day for you both and for your caregivers. Love and hugs to you both!

  2. wilma piazza says:

    Do you have a “Roho” mattress? I was blessed to be given one for my husband and it is wonderful. He has not had a pressure sore since we got it. They make it a little more difficult to move him around in the bed but the benefits by far outweigh the bad! Keeping you in our prayers!!

    • mrsmadel says:

      I do have a roho cushion for my wheelchair now after all this, however didn’t know I could get a roho mattress for a bed. Right now I have a memory foam mattress that I am super attached to. It was more my old wheelchair cushion, and name brand poise pads that caused my current sores. Glad to hear the mattress is working so well for your husband. Thanks so much for the prayers and advice! 😁

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