My Stem Cell Journey – Gearing Up

we got a vanWe leave in the morning for the long drive to Chicago for my adult stem cell treatment. I have so many mixed emotions right now. Part of me is so excited and hopeful and faithful that wonderful and amazing things are about to happen! Yet, there is a part of me that is so afraid and scared. It’s going to be a long trip and I am leaving the comfort zone of my home. My comfy bed and my fancy lift systems…all of the things that make life seem bearable despite the discomfort of the disease. But despite the moments of uncertainty that dampen my spirits, I can see God in every aspect of this journey!

He was there when I met my friend on facebook, that would eventually introduce me to this procedure AND agree to have it done at the same time as me so we could share the experience together. He was there on my journey to Colorado to meet her, that showed me that my body WAS capable of travel if we were willing and able to spend some serious time planning. He was there when we needed the money for the procedure, money for a van, and money for a week stay in a hotel. He was there when we were able to get a hotel room with a full kitchen so that I would not have to worry about finding places that could meet my dietary needs. He gave me a doctor that was fully supportive and excited about the treatment and it’s possibilities for my healing. He gave me Dr Ritacca, who said that he would find a way to do the procedure in my chair, if that is what we had to do, in order to work around the horrible spasticity. And He gave my husband the most wonderful job, with the most wonderful company, that has been so merciful and gracious with allowing him the time that he needs to care for me and provide these things for me.

I am ready for my healing! I am ready to finally sit back and let HIM lead me in this awesome plan He has for my life! I can’t wait to dance barefoot in the rain!!!! 😀 😀 😀


  1. So happy for you, Kiddo! And excited for all that God has for you!

  2. Debi H. says:

    Make sure you keep me updated. Can’t wait to hear all about it. I work Friday but will be home by 3:30.

  3. Praying for safe travels and awesome results from the procedure! Love you, Lizzy! Keep me updated on everything!!!

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