Stem Cells – Pre Op Day

IMG_9170To make sure that I start from the beginning and cover all of the bases, I should probably talk a bit about the trip yesterday. It wasn’t tooooo bad. It was a 7 1/2 hour drive that took us 10, so that sucked, but the weather was nice! 😉 On a serious note though, it was a pretty hard journey. Very uncomfortable sitting in the wheelchair all that time, and I was very stiff and spastic. I was glad to get to the hotel and get everything unloaded so that we could relax. I slept a lot better than I thought I would, so that was a definite plus!

Today was better. I have a lot of pain today (worse this evening), but we got to venture out and see a bit of the area before my pre op appointment…so it was nice to do something fun. We went to the botanic gardens and took some awesome pictures!

Met Dr Ritacca at the pre op, and he is so excited about what stem cells have been doing! He is very encouraged about my procedure. He had originally scheduled me to have an anesthesiologist present due to my history with SVT and epi “sensitivities,” but upon returning to the hotel, I received a call that he no longer thought that was necessary after speaking to me today. So that is good news, and somewhat scary. I felt a bit “safer” knowing there would be ANOTHER doctor present…lol…I’m such a senseless worrier. But it is encouraging that he feels there is no need for one now.

I am currently trying to relax as much as possible because of the massive pain that I have this evening. Can’t wait for THAT to be gone for good! 😉  I am going to finish this update for you guys, have a few bites of almond ice cream and get me a shower. Big day tomorrow.

Please pray for a painless and event-less procedure. I will be going in at 2 for prep and the procedure begins at 3pm. I will try to update tomorrow evening after we get back to the hotel and get settled. If I am not up to it, I will update Saturday for sure!

Thanks so much for all of your support and prayers! I am so very blessed!! 😀


  1. Thanks for the update – prayers coming your way!

  2. I’m SOOOOO excited that you got to be out and about, doing some fun things, too! So many prayers are being lifted for you and I know that God will do an amazing work in you through all of this. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I love you!

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