Stem Cells – Week 7

Miracle-Happens-300x298So on Friday of this week, I will be at 7 weeks post stem cell. I would love to say that I am running marathons or at least running up and down my stairs by now, but sadly, I am not. Healing is a much slower process than I have the patience for. I get easily discouraged when I see things happening that are worse now than they were before. I tend to forget that there are things other than stem cells that would be causing all these backwards steps. In the heat of the struggle, it is easy for me to spout off how stupid I was to get this done. How it has just made me worse, yada yada yada….but that is not the truth. I know how stem cells work, and there is no way that they are the reason that things are worse. No way. Changes in medications, changes in weather, changes in foods, changes in stress levels….all of these things can be making me worse…but NOT my stem cells. They are just quiet little workers that don’t demand a front row seat. They are not the “look at me look at me” crowd. Sometimes though, I wish they were. I want my progress to be what I see, not the other crap parts of life. But…this is where I am right now, and I am going to just have to breathe and bear it. As long as I still have my hubby here telling me it is going to get better (even when I am screaming that he is delusional and wrong), I can keep breathing and keep pressing on. I am so blessed to have him! 🙂


  1. Steve Madel says:

    We will get there babe. You should print the image in this post and hang it up. About brought me to tears.

    Love ya.


  2. I can’t wait to hear where we are at the first of 2015!

  3. Seven weeks feels like an eternity when we are waiting for something so important, but in the scope of your journey, seven weeks is just a blink. Look at how you have grown, what you have learned and how your perspective on what’s important has changed. Look at how quickly you bounce back and begin to see the positives in your circumstance and look at the way you reject the lies of Satan he is trying to use to bring you down. We all have bad days, and you of all people, could easily be wallowing in your circumstance and yet, what I see is an amazing young woman, grounded in who she is in Christ, who has already won her battle; because she knows that her temporary condition does not define her. Her Savior defines her and He sees her whole, strong and healthy. He sees her growing and maturing into the woman He always knew she would be.

    I am SO incredibly proud of you, and each day, awed by all that God has done in you. You truly are a new creation in Christ and what a blessing it is to call you my baby sister. I love you, Amy!

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