The Seasons of Life

8.16.2013 - walking at chalco rec area (22)You all are going to have to forgive me for my fair weather blogging recently. These Seasons of Life are such roller coasters, and I seem to always use that as an excuse to run away and hide in my box.

I have been dealing with a couple of new relapses, and one of those just happened to be some very debilitating dizziness. Thank the Lord, that seems to be a lot more under control. So now I am in the process of trying to get back up on my feet again after several weeks of not moving. I’m doing well though…I was able to walk to my chair this morning without having to have a brace on  my right foot! That is a massive achievement!! 😀 PTL!

In the midst of all of the chaos, I had it brought to my attention many times, by many people, that it appeared that I was malnourished. I knew that I was underweight for my height, but I ate everything that I felt that I could. I had done so much research, and cut out so many things via the “elimination diet” suggestions…and it seems to have done nothing but set me back. My efforts literally turned into FEARS of eating certain foods. I was so fearful that I may be having immune responses to certain things, that I would just forgo eating them at all, “just in case.” I turned into the first anorexic I have ever met that WANTED to be eating! And I sure as heck wasn’t doing it for my figure! lol

But after a visit to the emergency room, a referral to an allergist, and some surprising test results…here I am. I am officially allergic/sensitive to Pecans and Sunflower Seeds…..THATS IT! I had NO IMMUNE RESPONSE to any of the other foods that they injected into my skin. NONE!

So…back to the drawing board. 😛  Now, over the next several (many) weeks, I have to begin adding back all of these foods that I haven’t been eating. I am supposed to pick a new one each week, and evaluate how I feel and how my symptoms are. If I am no worse or better, then it’s a keeper and we move on to the next lucky item. 🙂 My hubby is of course quite happy about this…it means that eggs will soon be on the list of reintroductions. 😉  (Because you know, he is the most wonderful man on the planet EVER, and will not eat anything that I can’t/don’t!)

So once again, my recipes will be changing. I will still be posting lots of Paleo & Vegan recipes, but don’t be surprised if you see some good old fashioned home cookin thrown in here and there!

I am even more excited that I will get to be making Christmas treats for my family and friends again this year! I have really missed that!

8.16.2013 - walking at chalco rec area (14)This all would seem to be wonderful news…and it is! However, this means that the core of my disease is not down the easy path. 🙁  I have been denying the other avenues for so long, because it just seemed so much easier (and safer) to use food as the way God would bring my body through this. But once again, when I take control, things get a little messy. So I am back in the seat of needing to TRUST Him and know that He knows better than I do.

I have known for a while that mercury toxicity is a major player in this disease I’m fighting. You see, I don’t have any amalgam fillings, ANYMORE…but I used to. And the dentist that removed it was NOT trained to do it properly. I inhaled and swallowed every once of mercury that the man drilled out of my tooth. This just so happened to occur within months of me being bed bound and fighting for my life again.

I am also very aware of the damage that my gut and gut flora has encountered from the endless years of antibiotics and steroids that they have been subject to. And even now, I am finishing up a course of amoxicillin to thwart off a UTI. Thank God that at least now I know the importance of taking probiotics to help balance things a bit!

But all of that said, these are the things I’m fighting. Mercury, which is extremely hard and dangerous to eliminate…you should always be under the supervision of a doctor. And Candida…which I always knew was a problem, but now I actually have to start eating the foods and taking the supplements that kill it. I have been avoiding those things for so long because of the damage that I face from the inevitable Herheimer reactions that I get. It is a scary thing for me. And a lot of times, discouraging. This is always a process of “get worse before it gets better.” But I have been worse…and I don’t want to go back there. So, it’s hard.

But off I go! Slowly but surely…marching on! First I get some food back in my belly. Then I start facing these demons head on, with Christ as my shield…and we shall prevail! 😀

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