3 Months and 8 Days Post Stem Cell – Moved furniture while walking! A confusing disease!!!

So…this journey is a wild one, and I am having a very hard time making sense of it.

The last few weeks, I have been SOOOOOO overly spastic and stiff, it has been nearly impossible to straighten my legs from a sitting position. Over the last 3 days, I have not had any strength to stand, and if I was finally able to rise and walk with my walker, it was because I used my arms to carry me.

Today, just as before, my legs were very weak and didn’t want to stand…however, after several tries, I was able to struggle myself to my feet. I walked down the hallway to the living room, like I do daily as I am able. I want to walk as much as I can (at least once a day) to try to keep mobile.

When I reached the table, I decided that I didn’t want to just stop at the wall, I would rather turn and walk between the table and the living room chairs and go towards the door. But the chairs were against the back of the table……so, I reached over and began to move them out of my way! Do keep in mind, I have put some awesome “sliders” under my furniture so it is easier to move on carpet, but being able to let go of the walker and move ANYTHING without plummeting to my doom is an act of God and a miracle!

I was able to move the chairs without any assistance and continue to walk for a total of 51 feet! There were a couple of times that my hands were not on the walker at all…just the chair/table! 😀 How can I have so many bad things happening at the same time that there are so many achievements!?!? I am baffled yet grateful!

The first picture is how the chairs looked when I got to them…the second is how they looked after I moved them in order to walk the rest of the way around the room. We, of course, didn’t think to be filming me this morning, because it just seemed like a normal day of struggling to get in my walking. Wow, weren’t we excited for the change! It is nice to have these moments of achievement when my morale and optimism are wearing thin.

above: how the chair were place before I reached the table

below: how I was able to reposition them so that I could continue walking

My sister tells me that I always do all the cool things the day AFTER she visits me 😉 …so…I just have to wonder…maybe the amazing friends that God has blessed us with, that we shared an awesome evening with last night, had something to do with my upswing today. 🙂  The love of good friends and family is a motivation and encouragement that everyone needs! I am so very thankful for the family and friends that go out of their way to enjoy our company! So very blessed!



  1. This is awesome, Amy. Your determination is very admirable – I know it must be incredibly hard to push forward when you feel like you go two steps forward and three steps back. You’ve made some steady progress though since your stem cell procedure and that is so encouraging. Keep up the good fight girl, you’re inspiring many! Are you writing a book yet???

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